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boyfriend? lol no i have a horse
Anonymous asked:
Dear ex boyfriend,

I should’ve broken up with you waaay before I did. You’re controlling and possessive and want to be not just the centre of my universe, but the only thing in it. Your rape jokes aren’t funny, and feminism IS needed.
And one day, you’re going to find a girl who’s so in love with you she’ll be blind to all your faults, and maybe it’ll last long enough for you guys to get married. Maybe you’ll have a couple kids, a nice house. But she’s going to leave you. After 3 or 10 or 20 years, she’s going to resent you for all the things you made her give up to make her good enough to be with you. And she’ll leave. And maybe you’ll look back and think, ‘holy shit, that blond polish bitch that I dated when I was 19 was right’. But chances are you won’t. Chances are you’ll blame the world, blame the female race, blame everyone and anyone but yourself.
But you won’t love her. You don’t destroy the people you love. You don’t tell them they need to do more cardio or that you don’t date people who listen to that kind of song that she really likes. You don’t make her feel like shit because she decided to move on 3 weeks after dumping you.
God help the girl that falls in love with you, because you won’t love her back.

Easter weekend never feels like a break to me probably because I have to go to church 4 days in a row

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